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Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information
Everything you want to know about Shih Tzus including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding good breeder and more.

Shih Tzu | Shih Tzus
Read all about the Shih Tzu - Breed Information, Photos, Videos, Discussion, Blogs, . Health: Some Shih Tzus are prone to ear, eye and respiratory problems.

Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus | eHow.com
Having a Shih Tzu as part of your family can require a lot of maintenance. The breed is susceptible to eye problems, and it is very important to keep their eyes .

Learn about Shih Tzu diseases
The problem can occur in one or both eyes and can lead to blindness. Atopy is an . Corneal ulcers are common in the shih tzu due to the protrusion of the eyes.

Shih Tzu Health Problems
This is also true for eye problems in a Shih Tzu. Some common eye problems in a Shih .

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Shih Tzu, Breeds from Pet Health 101
Shih Tzu have several different eye problems. The tiny tear ducts may become blocked so that tears do not drain and they spill down the face coloring the hair.

Shih Tzu Information and Pictures, Shih Tzus
All about the Shih-Tzu, info, pictures, rescues, care, temperament, health, puppies and much more. . Also ear infections, eye problems and early tooth loss .

A few Shih Tzu Health Concerns | PEDIGREE®
Working our way from head to toe, here's a list of the most common Shih Tzu health concerns: Eye Problems. The Shih Tzu's short face and big, bulgy eyes can .

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Should You Adopt a Shih Tzu with Dry Eye? - Yahoo! Voices ...
Mar 30, 2012 . When present, KCS typically occurs in both eyes, but the problem . If you suspect your Shih tzu has dry eye see your veterinarian immediately.

Stinky Eyes - Dog has a bad odor around the eyes - what causes ...
A viewer asks: "My Shih Tzu has an bad odor around his eyes. What causes that? " This is a common problem and one that needs daily attention to help keep .

My nine year old shih-tzu has cataracts in both eyes, about how ...
Similar Questions: year shih tzu cataracts eyes surgery hurt end. Recent Questions About: year . a fine life, never had surgery. (yes has bad vision problems) .

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AllShihTzu | Shih Tzu Eye Care
Daily Needed Eye Care; Common Shih Tzu Eye Problems; Symptoms to Notice . There are 5 common eye problems which may occur with the Shih Tzu.

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Early Treatment for Corneal Ulcers Helps to Save Vision | American ...
Shih Tzu breeder Nancy Stern had noticed that her 3-year-old champion show dog, “Ledger,” was having problems keeping his eyes open and seemed .

blue eyes - shih tzu - Dog Health Forum
Blue eyes in Shih tzu can mean potential health problems, but it can also be a genetic defect that has no health problems. If the eye is hazy and .

Shih Tzu Dogs
Long before Shih Tzus grew to be the phenomena companion pup in the States . Any of these colors are usually paired with black lips, eye rims and noses: . Shih Tzus commonly develop breathing problems, which can lead to snoring and .

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Shih Tzu Eye Yeast Discharge | eHow.com
Shih tzu eye yeast buildup is a common condition caused by excessive watering from . up is the best way to avoid yeast growth and many other eye problems.

PURINA Pro Club Shih Tzu Update
1 ?. July 2007. Shih Tzu breeder Nancy Stern had noticed that her 3-year-old champion show dog, “Ledger,” was having problems keeping his eyes open and .

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Rescued Dogs Treated for Extensive Eye Disease - Royal Oak, MI ...
Apr 14, 2012 . Rescued Dogs Treated for Extensive Eye Disease. Shih tzu puppies are exhibiting problems seen in 15-year-old dogs, according to .

AAHA Healthy Pet | Breed | Shih Tzu
Hopefully, your Shih Tzu will not face these problems. However, early . A variety of diseases can affect the clearness of the cornea and also cause eye pain.

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Blue Eyes - Eye White | American Shih Tzu Club
Users of this web site often ask questions about blue eyes in Shih Tzu. . hepatitis or a reaction that occurs, rarely, among dogs vaccinated against the disease.

Shih Tzu eye drainage - AllExperts
May 28, 2012 . My Shih Tzu, Angel, has been having eye issues for some time now and the vet keeps giving her polymyxin b sulfate and trimethoprim eye .

Health - All About Shih Tzu
Currently, Shih Tzu have portosystemic liver shunt, renal dysplasia, hip dysplasia , Von Wildebrande, various eye problems, cryptordid, albinoism, temperament .

Seized Shih Tzus Suffer Extensive Eye Disease | Bluepearl ...
Apr 17, 2012 . Dr. Cassandra Bliss, a doctor in our ophthalmology service in Michigan, examined six Shih Tzus that had been part of the 350 dogs seized from .

Jun 1, 2012 . I do not mind helping you with your problem, I only ask you search this page first . Many Shih Tzu owners do not feel they can go to the breeder for . She was in horrible condition...blood in eye, hernia, fur matted to her body, .

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Shih Tzu Information, Pictures of Shih Tzus | Dogster
A healthy Shih Tzu can live as long as 15 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, ear and kidney infections, and eye problems. Check their ears .

How to Take Care of a Shih Tzu: 9 steps - wikiHow
5 days ago . Pay special attention to the dogs eye area, because if the eye area gets dirty, . Shih Tzu's are notorious for having house breaking problems.

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This seems wise advice also for Shih tzu . high prevalence of hereditary eye conditions in .

Shih Tzu Breed Guide | PoochPlan - Find the Best Pet Insurance for ...
One of the most common eye problems affecting Shih Tzu's is distichiasis, a condition in which eyelashes grow abnormally from the inner eye lid causing tearing .

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Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus | eHow.co.uk
Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus. Having a Shih Tzu as part of your family can require a lot of maintenance. The breed is susceptible to eye problems, and it .

Shih Tzu eye problems. - Paw Talk - Pet Forums
Shih Tzu eye problems. - About half a year ago we bought a Shih Tzu pup. Healthy pup and all: eats, plays, does everything a young shih tzu .

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Shih-Tzu eye problem - need advice (English Bulldog, vet, surgery ...
Jul 3, 2009 . We have a 2 year old Shih-Tzu that has recurrent corneal abrasions. When it occurs (every couple of months), she is in extreme discomfort and .

Smells Like Shih Tzu
A. No, it is not normal for your Shih Tzu to have terrible body odor. . seborrhea or Cushing's Disease, allergies, an anal gland problem, an ear or eye infection, .

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Eye disease - Shih-Tzu Club...
INHERITED EYE DISEASE IN THE SHIH TZU For many years The Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club held an eye clinic at the November Open Show. Peter G.C. .

Furever Shih Tzu & Companion Dog Rescue Inc.
Fourth , the Shih Tzu is susceptible to ear infections and eye damage. The ears . Rescue dogs may or may not have some "issues" to work through. (We will .

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Young Shih Tzu Periodontal Disease - Banfield Pet Hospital
Periodontal disease, which is inflammation . Optimum Wellness Plans® and Shih Tzus. Included in the . disease of the eye where the tear glands no longer .

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Eye Ulcers & KCS
Many eye ulcers in Shih Tzus are due to the condition Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca . KCS or "dryeye" is an eye disease caused by abnormal tear production.

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KCS (Dry Eye) and Shih Tzu's -- anyone have a ST with dry eye ...
Jul 10, 2009 . Hi - we have 2 Shih-Tzus. One with no eye problems, one who has had recurrent corneal ulcers. We brought her to the doggie ophthamologist .

Shih Tzu
Common health issues in the Shih Tzu dog breed is portosystemic liver shunt, hip dysplasia, renal dysplasia and various eye problems. They can also be .

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How to Train a Shih Tzu
Mar 29, 2012 . This will often need an operation to rectify the problem. With extreme breeding the eyes of the Shih Tzu can be so large that the lids cannot .

Pet Insurance Reviews from shih tzu Owners
I would recommend embrace to any pet owner.. Company: Embrace Injury/Illness : eye problem Breed: shih tzu. Claim Amount: over $1000 Age of Pet: 1 - 8 .

Dry Eye | American Shih Tzu Club
My 11-year-old dog has begun to have problems with his eyes lately. . For instance, Pugs and Shih Tzu both have large, protruding eyes and are especially .

Burke's Backyard > Fact Sheets > Maltese x Shih Tzu
Pure bred Shih Tzu can have problems with their eyes, but there are less eye problems in the cross as they don't have the squashed-in face of the Shih Tzu.

TexasDelites Shih-Tzu/Health Issues
Eye injuries are generally the most avoidable of all problems that affect the Shih Tzu and can be prevented to a large degree by providing a safe environment for .

Shih Tzu - Find out more about Shih Tzu on eBay Classifieds
Shih Tzus are prone to eye problems as they protrude. Irritations and infections of the eye may occur, as well as eye ulcers. Spinal disc disease is sometimes .

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Look at CC Shih tzu puppies bred for HEALTH,ADORABLE LOOKS ...
Mar 19, 2011 . Shih tzu are one of the number one breeder for eye issues.. The ONLY way to tell if your shih tzu has eye issues is to CERF tested. Unless they .

Blackberry Shih Tzu:Showing and Breeding Shih Tzu in Thailand ...
Health shih tzu Problems Shih Tzu tend to wheeze and snore. Some bloodlines are prone to ear, eye and respiratory problems.Spinal disc disease caused by a .

Shih Tzu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A small dog with a short muzzle and large dark eyes. With a soft . Shih Tzus have a lot of respiratory problems related to the shape of their face and head (the .

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The Shih Tzu: Common Health Issues
Eyes and Ears: Because of the anatomical structure of the Shih Tzu's head, their . A genetically linked disease that often affects the Shih Tzu is Progressive .

Shih Tzu x Maltese
Pure bred Shih Tzu can have problems with their eyes, but there are less eye problems in the cross as they don't have the squashed-in face of the Shih Tzu.

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Fussy Eaters And Digestive Problems | American Shih Tzu Club
Fussy eating and digestive problems are certainly not unique to [Shih Tzu], but they are fairly common in the breed. Complaints range from a spoiled rotten .

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Silk Road Care Instructions - Silk Road Shih Tzu
American Shih Tzu Club, Inc. Official Shih Tzu Standard . chin - if the puppy was trying to avoid something coming at his eyes, this should solve the problem.

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Shih Tzu Puppy Eye Cleaning | eHow.com
A Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic dog, which means its face is as wide as it is long. This physical feature can attract severe eye problems, some of which are .

Some instances that come to mind:

Pet Insurance Reviews from shih tzu Owners
We have a rescue dog with quite a few health issues. Trupanion has been a life saver for us. Company: Trupanion Injury/Illness: eye problem Breed: shih tzu .

Common problems with shih tzu - Answers on HealthTap
Answers from experts on common problems with shih tzu. . Yes Migraines often cause visual symptoms ranging from lights to temporary loss of vision. See your .

Do Shih Tzu's have many health problems
In the Cherry eye condition, the gland of the third eyelid, which produces . Shih Tzus usually produce 5-7 puppies in one liter depending on the dog's genes.

Bichon Shih Tzu Puppies
Shih Tzu may have health problems such as frequent eye infections, inability to withstand high temperatures, and fur that is prone to matting and tangling if not .

Caring for a Shih Tsu
The story of a Buddah, information on Shih tzus, health and grooming tips, star . They will sit patiently, remaining still with their eyes gazing intently on your face . will help over come the problem and achieve a reasonable level of training.

Shih Tzu Dogs| Shih Tzu Dog Breed Info & Pictures - petMD
Find all Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information, pictures of Shih TzuDogs, training, photos . The Shih Tzu should have an innocent, wide-eyed, warm expression giving it an . sort used for small cage animals) for their Shih Tzu to avoid this problem.

Maltese x Shih Tzu - Dogue Puppy Consultation
This cross breed, although having short muzzles are not prone to the same eye problems of the Maltese or breathing problems of the Shih Tzu. They tend to .

Shih Tzu | Shih Tzu Breed Information | Shih Tzu History - Pets for Sale
Find Shih Tzu Breed info and full profiles of Shih Tzu in South Africa. . It is generally seen that a Shih Tzu with a brown complexion has brown nose, eye rims, and lips . You will not have any problem as far as hair shedding is concerned.

Jun 1, 2012 . Correct Shih Tzu are sturdy little dogs with good bone . The big, round, dark, eyes that are perfectly placed on the skull. . This not only creates abnormally small Shih Tzu, but also puppies that may have health problems.

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Macropalpebral Fissure Syndrome - Animal Eye Care
Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Pekingese are breeds that were created by humans to look . If the eyes are dry in addition to the above mentioned problems, the dog is at .

Shih Tzu FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Shih Tzus
Questions and answers about Shih Tzu temperament, personality, behavior, physical . Other Shih Tzus have a very squashed face, large protruding eyes, stubby . Chondrodysplastic dogs are also more susceptible to joint problems, and .

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Shih Tzu Health issues
Jun 1, 2012 . AMERICAN SHIH TZU CLUB HEALTH ISSUE PAGE. Be sure to read up on Shih Tzu Juvenile Renal Dysplasia. HERNIAS. HERNIAS IN SHIH .

10- Shih Tzus
Corneal ulcers are common in the shih tzu due to the protrusion of the eyes. ? Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) is a disorder that affects the spinal disks .

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Grooming Your Shih Tzu by Doggie Bow Ties
Tear staining can be an ongoing problem with Shih Tzu, especially if the nose hair has been clipped and the eyes are irritated from facial hair poking up into the .

Our Shih Tzu went to the vet because he was rubbing his eye ...
May 13, 2012 . Our Shih Tzu went to the vet because he was rubbing his eye, . It has now been 3 weeks and Thurnder continues to have problems. He is now .

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Canine Skin Problems | American Shih Tzu Club
Shih Tzu Hindquarters · Shih Tzu Movement and Balance . Signs such as itchy skin, nasal and eye discharges and sneezing, and/or digestive upsets and/or .

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Shih-Tzus & Brown Eye Tear Stains | eHow.com
Go Pets America and the Shih Tzu Reporter note that a dog's eyes can become irritated because of an inflammatory disorder called conjunctivitis. This disease .

Dry Eye In Shih Tzus
Dry eye seems to be a simple disease but if left untreated, might damage . Dry Eye In Shih Tzus . This disease is the result of abnormal production of tears.

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Maltese x Shih Tzu - Doggydog.com
Items 1 - 8 of 10 . The Maltese X Shih Tzu can be prone to hydrocephalus and liver shunts. Pure bred Shih Tzu can have problems with their eyes, but there are .

shih tzu puppies for sale, shih tzus playing, shih tzu breeders, ONLY ...
Jun 30, 2012 . Shih tzu are one of the number one breeder for eye issues.. The ONLY way to tell if your shih tzu has eye issues is to CERF tested. Unless they .

Yogurt Solutions for Shih Tzu Eye Discharge | eHow.com
Shih tzus as a breed are prone to eye infections and discharge due to their characteristically . A yeast infection is a common problem after the use of antibiotics.

Ocular Disorders Proven or Suspected To Be Hereditary in the Shih ...
Veterinary care has to be sought immediately (within 20 minutes) in order to attempt to save vision and save the eye. Other problems found in the Shih Tzu .

Maltese Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics ...
Maltese Shih Tzus can have some problems with tearstains under the eyes, like their Maltese parents; these may need to be treated with commercial tearstain .

Shih Tzu Dog Characteristics | eHow.com
With a good diet and regular exercise, a shih tzu will normally live around 15 years. The biggest problem shih tzus face are with the eyes and nose, such as .

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Shih Tzu Information Center | Proper Grooming
Detailed information regarding how to groom a Shih Tzu. . If your dog is having issues with dry skin we can help! . Eye discharge 2: A "Red Yeast" infection.

Causes of Hair Loss in Shih Tzus | eHow.com
More Like This. Information on Itchy Skin Problems in Shih Tzus · How to Cut a Shih-Tzu's Hair Between Its Eyes · Shih Tzu Skin Problems .

Shih Tzu Dog Breed - Shih Tzu Profile
Learn all about the Shih Tzu, one of the noblest and most ancient of all dog breeds. Read about the Shih Tzu's traits, personality, health problems and more.

What Is the Life Span of a Shi Tzu Dog? | eHow.com
Common Shih Tzu Health Concerns. As with all specially bred dogs, they can have some inherited problems. These can include eye or thyroid problems, .

Shih Tzu Grooming - Tian Mi Shih Tzu
These are tools and products I use to take care of my Shih Tzu. . Be careful, do not get in their eyes. . It aids in the control of problems upon contact, using a trademarked formula developed from NASA research on the decontamination of .

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Shih Tzu has a stye? - Small Dogs Forum
Unfortunately, shihtzus are very prone to eye problems. I had 2 "tzus" and one developed an ulcerated eye and nearly lost it. So I spent several .

Lazy Eye in a Shih Tzu Puppy | eHow.co.uk
But dogs, particularly brachycephalic or flat-faced breeds with bulging eyes like a Shih Tzu can have vision problems in an otherwise normal looking eye.

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What's Causing the Eye Gunk in My Shih Tzu? | Dogster
Sep 4, 2012 . We have a 10-year-old Shih Tzu, Toby, who seems to be having greater problems with gunky eyes. What would you recommend for resolving .

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What Are Some Potty Training Problems With Shih Tzus? | eHow.com
Shih Tzus are such intelligent little dogs that owners could be forgiven for wondering why some of them seem to have problems with potty training. Because the .

About Shih Tzu Dog Overbite Characteristics | eHow.com
The classic look of the Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso breeds, for instance, is the protruding lower jaw which causes the bottom row . Shih Tzu dogs can develop respiratory problems later in their life. . Yogurt Solutions for Shih Tzu Eye Discharge .

Pontius also went through eye problems with "Daisy," an 11-year-old companion dog. A few years ago the Shih Tzu suffered from distichiasis, a condition in .

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Shih Tzu Dogs - How To Information | eHow.com
It is common for a Shih Tzu to have eye problems. The most common eye issue found in the Shih Tzu breed are cataracts, corneal ulcers, infection and distichia.

SHIH TZU EYES | American Shih Tzu Club
Shih Tzu Hindquarters · Shih Tzu Movement and Balance . Poufing the topknot out over the forehead won't hide the “eye problem” from a knowledgeable .

Shih Tzu puppy allergies
Jun 8, 2012 . Constant itching, skin infections, chewing and licking, eye and nose discharge, . Atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin disease of dogs which is caused by . Usually , a Shih Tzu is said to be suffering from atopic dermatitis when .

Shih Tzu Bowhouse - Naturally, Because We Care ....
Common Shih Tzu Health problems include the following: Eye Problems. Shih Tzu have big protruding eyes that make them more vulnerable to eye problems .

Shih Tzu - Canada's Guide to Dogs
Oct 16, 2010 . Shih Tzu. Breed Standards; Health Issues; Grooming; Training . with an air of arrogance and self-importance with a warm, sweet, wide-eyed, .

Shih Tzu (10) - Espree Animal Products | Breed Profiler
Eyes: Shih Tzu's are prone to having eye issues. Tear Stain Remover should be used daily to help control the stains and discoloration under the eyes.

Shih Tzu Dogs & Seizures | eHow.com
Shih Tzu Dogs Health Problems; About Shih Tzu Dog. Print this . A shih tzu's folded ears and flat face bring a tendency for ear, eye and respiratory difficulties.

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Why do my shih tzu's eyes swollen
Why do your shih tzus have jelly in their eyes? well my shih tzu had that and she had to get drops. im not sure if your dogs problem is anything major though.

10 Things You Must Know About Shih Tzus | In Style Dog
The Shih Tzu was the house pet for most of the Ming Dynasty and was . from cherry eye should have the condition corrected to help prevent this disease.

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Shih Tzu Health Problems
Shih Tzu health problems, most common ailments in Shih Tzu breed. . health risk in this breed of dog: patellar luxation, back problems and eye abnormalities.

Shih Tzu Eyes - What You Need to Know
Jun 20, 2009 . The Shih Tzu, like many other breeds, is vulnerable to various eye problems, and if you know what to look for, you can be proactive in keeping .

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Shih Tzu & Cushing's Disease | eHow.com
Shih Tzus, typically a healthy dog breed, are prone to developing Cushing's disease in older ages. As they age, Shih Tzus become more prone to the glandular .

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shih tzu dog information
For small dogs, the Shih Tzu can be prone to several health problems. Aside from eye and ear problems, they are known for breathing problems thanks to their .

What is a Shih Tzu
A Shih Tzu is a sturdy, compact, noble, short-nosed, long-haired, compact (9 to 10 . large, very dark, wide set eyes (not prominent), and without excessive eye white. . Kidney problems are just one of several health issues that can face Shih .

Shih Tzu Facts
The corners of the eyes contain ingrown hairs which make your Shih Tzu weep excessively.Regular grooming helps but does not eliminate the problem. Surgery .

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Shih Tzu Health - Pet Insurance Review
Shih Tzus are subject to the following pet health problems: - Portosystemic shunt or . Company: ASPCA Injury/Illness: eye problem skin problem. Claim Amount: .

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Shihpoo Dog Breed Information
Shihpoos may be susceptible to the health problems of both the Shih Tzu and . the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Canine Eye Registry Foundation, etc.

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The Shih Tzu Reporter Back Issues
The Shih Tzu Reporter is a full-size magazine, with color photos, and articles . the immune system & disease resistance Pt. 2; colloidal silver to treat eye stain, .

my ShihTuz louie's eyes; Shih Tzu eye irrigation fluid: - AllExperts
Jul 11, 2012 . Shih Tzus/my ShihTuz louie's eyes; Shih Tzu eye irrigation fluid: . to often with his eye being closed,the big problem is the eyes being itchy that .

Shih Tzu: Personality & Health Issues
While the Shih Tzu is a robust dog, it needs a carefully balanced diet to avoid weight problems. Show dogs must daily have their coats untangled with a steel .

The Shih-tzu | Modern Dog magazine - the best dog magazine ever
When Mariah Carey was given a pair of Shih Tzu during a tour of Japan a few . eye" problem (their tears aren't wet enough to properly lubricate the eye) and, .

Shih Tzu Bladder Infection | eHow.com
Bladder infections are common in all dogs and shih tzus are no exception. Bladder infections, more properly known as urinary tract infections, are most often see .

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Shih Tzu Breed Information
Health & Behavior Issues: Shih Tzu have several serious health problems. The most common are eye ulcers, knee dislocation, bleeding disorders, heart strokes, .

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Shih Tzu - Domestic Dog Breeds Reference Library - redOrbit
The Shih Tzu generally lives 13 to 15 years. It may experience some health problems such as portosystemic liver shunt, renal dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and eye .

Furever Shih Tzu & Companion Dog Rescue - Ohio
Fourth , the Shih Tzu is susceptible to ear infections and eye damage. The ears . Rescue dogs may or may not have some "issues" to work through. (We will .

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Shih Tzu | Dog Breeds at myPetSmart.com
The average life span of the Shih Tzu is 15 years or more. Common health concerns include eye problems such as dry eye and distichiasis, a condition in which .

The Shih Tzu Dog Breed - Kingdom of Pets!
The face of the Shih Tzu is small and sweet, with big, round eyes and a short, . include oral problems/early tooth loss, obesity, spinal problems, ear and eye .

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Health Care for Shih Tzu Dogs | eHow.com
Shih Tzu Dogs Health Problems · Tips For How to Groom Hair on the Face of a Shih . Keep your shih tzu's eyes free of dust and irritants by wiping gently with a .

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Feb 25,2008 Is The Third Time a - Recent Columns
Abby is another Shi-Tzu. Last spring she fell victim to one of those "breed related" problems. Shi-Tzus have short noses and big bulging eyes. One of those .

Shih Tzu Information Center | Chewing Problems & Fixes
Shih Tzu chewing, biting, teething, gnawing and aggression issues. . With both owners keeping a close eye on the dogs, they should be introduced.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Shih Tzu Dog? | eHow.com
Shih Tzus are susceptible to health issues such as kidney disorders, anemia, luxating patella, thyroid problems, eye problems, and portosystemic liver shunt, .

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Facts About Shih Tzu Dogs | eHow.com
Shih Tzu's are prone to ear, eye and respiratory problems, and many of them snore. They often make a wheezing sound, especially following exercise. With their .

Shih Tzu Common Health Problems
Apr 19, 2012 . Some Shih Tzu common health problems are caused by the way their . eye and infection, irregular, crowded teeth cause dental problems and .

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Shih Tzu Skin Problems | eHow.com
Shih Tzu Skin Problems. Shih Tzus are a generally healthy, hardy breed of dog despite their show-dog looks. However, they are susceptible to certain diseases.

Most Common Shih Tzu Health Problems
Aug 25, 2009 . Shih Tzu have big protruding eyes that make them more vulnerable to eye problems than most other breeds. They also have long hair that can .

Lazy Eye in a Shih Tzu Puppy | eHow.com
But dogs, particularly brachycephalic or flat-faced breeds with bulging eyes like a Shih Tzu can have vision problems in an otherwise normal looking eye.

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Have a 9 year old female shih tzu who has developed problems ...
Aug 12, 2003 . I have 2 Shih Tzus but have not had those problems. . I have an 11yr. old Shih tzu, and the doctor recommended a "eye doctor" for dogs to .

Smelly Shih Tzu? | American Shih Tzu Club
My Shih Tzu has a very bad odor. . This is also a sign of gum disease. Many Shih Tzu lose their teeth very early due to shallow root systems. . Also, if you do not keep the hair under the eyes trimmed short and shampooed twice on each bath, .

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Shih Tzu Informaton Center | Breeding Your Tzu
Learn all of the details about Shih Tzu breeding. . If 1 of the dogs is shown to have genes of a serious inherited disease, you will want to think twice about . The dog, once cleared, can be registered with your local Canine Eye Registry .

How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Scratching? | eHow.com
The key to stopping your Shih Tzu from scratching is to identify what is . It is not uncommon that a Shih Tzu's itchy skin is the result of several issues at once.

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Understanding Dog Breeds: Shih Tzu
Learn how to understand the dog breed Shih Tzu with this video. Expert: Julia . And he has the little pushed in face and big eyes. And there's . Because Shi Tzus, like a lot of small breeds, have problems with dental disease. They're very .

Shih Tzu Information Center | Fur Loss Issues
Shih Tzu Hair Problems. Overview. The Shih Tzu's coat is actually hair, and not fur that sheds to such a degree that there would be patches of skin that shows.

Bichon Shih Tzu
Mar 18, 2011 . Bichon Shih Tzu is fast getting popular, as this mix dog breed has a happy . Bichon Shih Tzus have large, brown, eyes and their nose is usually small . These mix breed dogs are also susceptible to teeth problems, as they .

How to Remove Tear Stains From a Shih Tzu | eHow.com
Your Shih Tzu might have a problem very common to roughly one-quarter of all . Shih-Tzus & Brown Eye Tear Stains; How Can I Get the Brown Spots Off of a .

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Shih-Tzu dogs have particularly short muzzles that increase the risk of developing respiratory problems. Plus, the presence of long hair around their eyes and .

Information About Red Shih Tzu Dogs | eHow.com
Shih tzus are susceptible to eye problems and need to have the area around their eyes cleaned with a warm, wet washcloth and thoroughly dried at least once a .

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My Shih Tzu Has One Really Red Eye And It Is Watery Plus It Has A ...
My Shih Tzu Has One Really Red Eye And It Is Watery Plus It Has A Gray Look To . by bacteria or virus, glaucoma, and problems in the eyelashes and eyelids.

How to Get a Shih Tzu Puppy to Stop Biting | eHow.com
The first step in curbing a Shih Tzu's biting problem is to determine the cause of the biting. If your Shih is a puppy, it is most likely that the puppy is biting as a .

Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information | eHow.com
Shih tzus are typically healthy dogs, although breedings by owners without thorough knowledge of the breed have produced a number of health problems. Eye .

Colorado Shih Tzu, Maltese & Lhasa Apso Rescue
This is done to prevent eye problems, . Eye ulcers need to be treated immediately and can . have been working diligently to make the Shih Tzus smaller.

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Shih Tzu, Chinese Lion Dog Breed Guide Information and Pictures
Potential health problems include ear, eye, and respiratory problems, as well as spinal disc disease. This breed also .

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Shih Tzu Training Information including Shih Tzu Potty Training and ...
Some health problems which you should at least be aware of in the Shih Tzu are: Shih Tzus have big protruding eyes which can be highly sensitive. Any mess or .

Shih Tzu
Apr 29, 2012 . Special needs: Many Shih Tzu have problems with eye discharge. In fact, many toy breeds have this problem. The most common cause is a .

How to Administer Eye Drops in a Shih Tzu That Bites | eHow.com
It is common for a Shih Tzu to have eye problems. The most common eye issue found in the Shih Tzu breed are cataracts, corneal ulcers, infection and distichia.

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Shih Tzu information: Shih Tzu breed guide shih tzus puppies dogs
Other health problems include portosystemic liver shunt, where the blood . The Shih Tzu is known for producing excessive eye mucus, particularly when he is .

Shih Tzu Tear Stains | Complete Information Guide
Detailed, helpful and complete information regarding Shih Tzu tear staining. . While this problem is more obvious on pure white dogs, it does happen to dogs of . the eyes…they had no idea that it was an issue or that anything was wrong.

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Dry Skin on a Shih Tzu Dog | eHow.com
Shih tzus suffer from a variety of breed-specific health issues. One of those issues is dry . Natural Cures for Shi Tzu Skin Problems · The Dangers of Over-Washing Your Shih Tzu. Print this article . Tzu Skin Problems · Dry Eye in a Shih Tzu .

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Shih-Tzu Health Issues
The Shih-Tzu tends to have some issues with breathing because of the shape of its face and nose. Some in the Shih-Tzu breed develop eye and ear conditions .

Shih Tzu - Profile -- Health -- Information you can use "Lion Dog"
If you happen to get a Shih Tzu with a separation anxiety problem, that can be dealt with by investing a few hours of work on your part and some "tough love." .

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Shih Tzu Puppies - How To Information | eHow.com
A Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic dog, which means its face is as wide as it is long. This physical feature can attract severe eye problems, some of which are .

FAQs About Our Dogs | DFW Tzus & More Rescue
Do you have time and are willing to brush and clean the eyes of a Shih Tzu, Lhasa, . Heartworm disease is extremely serious, as treatment and recovery for an .

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10 Great Small Dog Breeds
A Shih Tzu has very large eyes that are prone to disease. It is important to keep the eyes clean and free of mucus. Other conditions that can affect a Shih Tzu's .

Shih Tzus & Allergies | eHow.com
Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus. Having a Shih Tzu as part of your family can require a lot of maintenance. The... Information About Shih Tzu Pups .

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Yorkie Shih Tzu Dog Information | eHow.com
Yorkie shih tzu crosses often develop hip dysplasia and eye and thyroid problems, according to GreatDogSite.com. However, despite their health issues, .

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How to Groom A Shih Tzu - An Online Guide
Wondering how to brush, bathe or groom your Shih Tzu? We offer a . it can become infected and sore, resulting in serious health problems) Make sure . Use dog bows or dog barrettes to keep the hair out of your Shih Tzu's eyes. Since Shih .

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Natural Cures for Shi Tzu Skin Problems | eHow.com
However, skin problem in Shih Tzus sometimes do occur. Most of these problems are caused by things such as allergies, parasites and bacterial infections .

About the Shih Tzu | eHow.com
The name "Shih Tzu" means lion, and comes from the idea of trying to create a dog that resembled a lion. The Shih Tzu . Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus .

Shih Tzu Dogs Health Problems | eHow.com
However, there are certain health issues that seem to plague shih tzu dogs. . Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus; Shitzu Problems. Print this article .

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Hairy Friend: Shih Tzu dog information
In addition, they also can suffer from various eye problems. Shih Tzus (and many other breeds) may present signs of allergies to red dye #40, and owners should .

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Shih Tzu Memorial
Our beloved shih tzu, Babs crossed over into her next life on Monday, February 21, 2011. Babs was 14 and had multiple medical issues. She was an absolute .

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Shih Tzu Information Center | Allergy Issues
Detailed and specific information regarding Shih Tzu allergy issues. Includes causes, symptoms and treatment for external and internal allergies.

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Dry Eye in a Shih Tzu | eHow.com
The large, expressive eyes of the shih tzu are perhaps its most endearing feature. . Shih tzus suffer from a variety of breed-specific health issues. One of those .

Shih Tzu standard - Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale
A healthy Shih Tzu can live as long as 15 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, ear and kidney infections, and eye problems. Check their ears .

What to feed a Shih Tzu
Common Ailments: eye, ear, and respiratory problems. The Shih Tzu, the "lion dog", originated in Tibet. The forefathers of today's Shih Tzu were presented as a .

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Shih Tzus & Kidney Stones | eHow.com
Kidney stones are very common in the Shih Tzu breed of dog, which are . for Shih-Tzus · How to Flush a Kidney Stone · Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus .

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Shih Tzu Grooming Tips | eHow.com
DoggieBowTies.com suggests you use a fine-toothed steel comb on your shih tzu's face daily to remove eye matter and to keep the facial hair knot-free.

Which dog has less health problems Maltese or shih tzus
Do Shih Tzu's have many health problems? There are several congenital diseases, including: patellar luxation, Stenotic Nares, Cherry eye, back problems and .

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How to Remove Brown Tear Stains Around a Shih Tzu's Eyes - eHow
How to Remove Brown Tear Stains Around a Shih Tzu's Eyes. Tear stains are caused by . Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus. Having a Shih Tzu as part of .

Shih Tzu Breed Information & Pictures (Shih Tzu Kou)
Detailed Information on Shih Tzu, from Health to Temperment you will find the . It has large, wide-rounded eyes that express the impression of trust and friendliness. . They can have respiratory problems from Snoring, wheezing, or infection.

Grooming the Companion Dog | American Shih Tzu Club
As in any short-faced, large-eyed breed, the Shih Tzu has eyes that can easily . If you have a parasite problem, remember that you must treat the house as well .

All About Shih-Tzus: Watching out for health problems
Apr 27, 2007 . All About Shih-Tzus . Here is a list of known problems to affect Shitzus: . Because these are common to Shitzus, keep an eye out for these .

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Common Eye Problems | eHow.com
Many people suffer from common ocular problems such as dry eye, color . Common Eye Problems & Treatment · Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzus. Print this .

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Bichon Shih Tzu - A Happy Hybrid
By extending the Shih Tzu's nose, the dog breathes easier, and with the Bichon Frise's tear ducts, there are fewer issues with watery eyes. The Bichon Shih Tzu .

Skincare for Shih-Tzu Dogs in the Summer and Year Round - Yahoo ...
Jul 25, 2009 . Shih-tzu's are hardy, little dogs. Aside from eye problems, they are easy to take care of. The summertime is when a pet owner should keep on .

Shitzu Problems | eHow.com
Shih Tzus are prone to eye infections. Even normal play for other dogs can lead to eye problems for Shih Tzus because of their eyes' sensitive nature and .

Shih Tzu Complete Information Center | Daily Health Care
Complete information regarding the daily health care for the Shih Tzu. . appropriate vaccinations and hopefully find any health issues while they are still manageable . The eyes. While a clean and clean discharge is normal a heavy and thick .

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Health & Grooming - Britteli Shih Tzu - Shih Tzu Breeders, Imperial ...
Congratulations on your choice of a Shih Tzu puppy! The next . Tearing and staining are also a problem which require daily cleansing around the eye area.

Breed Focus: Shih Tzu - Embrace Pet Insurance Blog
Jul 20, 2010 . I picked Shih Tzu's to focus on today because they do have more than their fair share of eye problems (the health focus this month). They often .

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Imperial Shih Tzu - Teacup Shih Tzu
2) Poor eye placement: Because the heads of these Teacup Shih Tzu's are so . He/she might also suffer from vision problems, seizures, abnormal behavior and .

Your Shih-Tzu Health Problem Needs Attention
Apr 12, 2007 . These little dogs are prone to heart disease, renal disease, eye injuries and breathing disorders. The Shih-Tzu generally lives longer than a .

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About ShihTzu Dogs | eHow.com
These health issues are caused by short legs and longer backs. Other health issues that the Shih Tzu breed may be prone to include eye problems, ear .

What Causes Excessive Drinking in Shih Tzus? | eHow.com
Changes in a pet's diet may signal health problems. Before you panic . Shih Tzu Puppy Eye Cleaning; Shih-Tzus & Brown Eye Tear Stains. Print this article .

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Shih Tzu Info Center | Age| Weight Chart | Growth Chart
Detailed and specific information Shih Tzu age information, Shih Tzu weight chart , Shih . Age 3 weeks- At this age, the Shih Tzu puppy is beginning to open their eyes. . twice per year, in addition to any visits for unexpected health issues.

Shih Tzu Health Problems | Feeding | Raising a Shih Tzu Puppy
Both of these syndromes can cause orthopedic problems, respiratory problems, and eye problems. Four eye diseases occur in Shih Tzus and can lead to .

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Newborn Shih Tzu Puppies and Early Surroundings
Shih Tzu puppies begin to make noises shortly after their eyes open. . Between 3 and 4 weeks you might want to provide new Shih Tzu puppies with a new safe daytime . If you have a medical problem or symptoms, consult your physician.

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Shih Tzu Information and Facts
Shih Tzu : information, care, health problems & other facts for of Shih Tzu . The head of Shih Tzu is round and broad; chest is broad and deep; eyes are dark .

Bichon-Shih Tzu Puppy Guide | eHow.com
If left ungroomed, the hair can irritate the puppy's eyes and uncomfortable mats can form . Bichon-shih tzu dogs are prone to teeth problems if not taken care of.

Health Questions To Ask Your Shih Tzu Breeder
Mar 23, 2008 . There are a number of health problems that plague the Shih Tzu breed, including eye problems and kidney issues. By educating yourself about .

Raising Healthy Dogs, Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu is a great companion for most people. . Eye problems are an issue in the breed, often due to the combination of excessive hair and prominent .

How to Remove Tear Stains From a Shih Tzu | eHow.co.uk
Your Shih Tzu might have a problem very common to roughly one-quarter of all . or a reddish-brown, rust-looking discharge that stains the hair under the eyes.

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Shih Tzu Information Center | Color Explanation
Detailed and specific explanation regarding the colors of the Shih Tzu. . The pigmentation will be where the color is most obvious: the eye rims, nose, paw pads .

Shih Tzu Dogs Characteristics
In addition, they also can suffer from various eye problems. Shih Tzus (and many other breeds) may present signs of allergies to red dye #40, and owners should .

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What Is The Treatment For Shih-tzu Skin Allergies Around The Eyes ...
I have 5 Shih Tzu's. Three have a skin problem I am always treating. I found out . What Is The Treatment For Shih-tzu Skin Allergies Around The Eyes. Red Skin .

Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale From Responsible Breeders | Pets4You
Shih-Tzu tend to have sensitive ears and eyes, and they need to be carefully cleaned to avoid lasting problems. You can buy special drops for Shih-Tzu eyes to .

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DOG FOOD - What to feed a Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Hair Cut · Shih Tzu Discussion Board · Shih Tzu house training · Shih Tzu . These ingredients are considered eye candy to make the food look nicer for . You might never think to associate these problems with the grain in your dog's .

Shih Tzu & Dog Allergies | eHow.com
According to the Dog Breed Info Center, the Shih Tzu is considered a good . If your dog has a skin problem, chances are you know about it pretty quickly, since .

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Shih Tzu Puppies Breeders Tzus
Shih Tzu puppies, breeders, puppies for sale, Shih Tzu dog breed profile, history, . cleft palate, eye problems, renal disease, and von Willebrand's disease.

Shih Tzu Health Problems - Natural Dog Health Remedies
The Shih Tzu is one of the breeds that is predisposed to cherry eye. The preferred treatment of this eye condition is to surgically .

Skin Cysts in Pekingese or Shih Tzu Dogs | eHow.com
The Shih Tzu is thought to be prone to sebaceous cysts--also called . Other issues or conditions can produce cyst-like papules, including warts, canine acne, .

Meet Diamond Shih tzu puppies bred for HEALTH,ADORABLE ...
Mar 19, 2011 . Shih tzu are one of the number one breeder for eye issues.. The ONLY way to tell if your shih tzu has eye issues is to CERF tested. Unless they .

Shih Tzu Information
Sep 2, 2012 . Here is some basic Shih Tzu information on the character of the dog. . The Galton whistle has a silent call but the Shih Tzu has no problem hearing it. . The Shih Tzu eyes cannot focus directly on an object sharply, but it has .